About Us

The increasing use of computers over the past few decades has led to a huge increase in the availability of health related data, notably Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs). The overarching aim of the EHR Research Group is to capitalise on the opportunities for research offered by such data, bringing methodological rigour to address important questions for human health.

We have a diverse programme of work using a range of anonymised data sources, These include the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) based on primary care records, Hospital Episode Statistics, disease registry data and numerous international data sources.

Our work covers a broad spectrum including disease aetiology, the effects of medications, vaccines and surgery, environmental influences and health services research. Disease areas are similarly diverse, with major interests in a range of both non-communicable and communicable diseases. We have particular interest in developing and applying optimal research methods, including both observational and interventional approaches.

Here is Liam Smeeth talking about why access to electronic healthcare records is so important for the research community.

CPRD data can be accessed and used for studies by LSHTM staff. If you are not a member of the EHR Group at LSHTM, and would like to use CPRD data, please click here or email cprdlshtm@lshtm.ac.uk for further details.

Our research is funded by a range of different government bodies, charities and companies. These include the Wellcome, the Medical Research Council, the National Institute for Health Research, GSK and the British Heart Foundation.