New 100 million cohort in Brazil

22 Feb 2017

Working in partnership with Brazilian researchers, we have helped secure Wellcome funding to develop a new biomedical resource: the 100 million Brazilian linked data and datacenter. This resource will be built around “Cadastro-Unico”, a database of electronic records of over 100 million applicants to social protection programmes in Brazil. Records consist of detailed individual information on housing conditions, education and income, organized by household. Our plans are to link the individual social and benefits records to electronic health records including: births, deaths, hospital episodes, infectious disease notification and others. The size of the population will enable research on the inter relationships between social factors and health and on the impact of social protection policies on a large range of health outcomes at a degree of detail never done before. The datacentre will be high-powered, secure and have a public interface. This project is possible because Brazil has high quality records and an open, modern attitude towards use of data for research and policy, supported by a rigorous but enabling legal framework. The project will create a unique international resource that will allow researchers to address questions that currently cannot be answered.