Real World Effectiveness of Medications for COPD

23 Jan 2017

We have recently been awarded a three year grant by the UK National Institute for Health Research to study how well medication for COPD works in routine clinical care, and in particular in patients not normally studied in randomised trials. To do this, we’ll be using primary care data from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink linked with Hospital Episode Statistics data. A novel and exciting part of the study will be to validate our methodology by using individual patient data from a large COPD trial, and matching each participant as closely as possible to a primary care patient in the CPRD. This step allows us to see if the treatment effects we find in the observational data are similar to those found in the trial. This will give us greater confidence when measuring the effectiveness of COPD treatments in other types of patients not included in trials e.g. the elderly. More details can be found here: