Young Scientists: Public Trust in using Electronic Health Records for Research

06 Nov 2017

The Electronic Health Records (EHR) group at LSHTM recently hosted a group of visiting Young Scientists during their visit to LSHTM in September 2017. Sinéad Langan and Erin Lafferty led this programme of work with major contributions from public engagement champions in the EHR team. The experience was highly enjoyable with great engagement between team members and the Young Scientists. This work was funded by a small Public Engagement grant from LSHTM.

The focus of this work was on creating knowledge and understanding concerns around the use of EHR data for research. The Young Scientists created an animated Storyboard summarising the learning and the insights gained and proposing future steps to improve public trust in the use of EHR data for research.

To view the animated Storyboard please click here.