Sigrun Johannesdottir Schmidt

Sigrun Schmidt is a collaborator from Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. Sigrún holds a MD from Aarhus University, Denmark, and has been a PhD student since February 2014.

Sigrun’s research focus is dermatology and as part of her PhD, which considers herpes zoster, she is a visiting student at LSHTM for five months. Here, she is working on a collaborative project utilizing electronic health data from Denmark and the UK to examine whether persons with severe acute stress or psychiatric diseases have an increased risk of herpes zoster. Sigrun has previously studied as a research fellow at the Ohio State University and California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute, and she is on the board of the Danish Society of Pharmacoepidemiology.ún-alba-jóhannesdóttir-schmidt-72348474

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