Cancer affects a huge number of people globally, and new treatments and prevention strategies are constantly being developed.  Our research on cancer covers three main themes: 

Medicines associated with cancer development

Research in this area aims to determine whether certain drugs have an impact on the risk of developing cancer.  For example, our work has examined the impact of drugs such as angiotensin receptor blockers (used to lower blood pressure) on cancer, and PDE5 inhibitors on the risk of melanoma. 

Cancer risk factors

Another strand of our work is to better characterise how potential risk factors for cancer are associated with specific cancers.  A notable example was our work published in the lancet showing that BMI influences cancer risk in different ways for different cancer sites.  

Long term health of cancer survivors

As the number of cancer-survivors increases, the long term health of these individuals is an increasing priority.  A number of projects within the EHR group are examining the impact of cancer history and treatment on future risk of cardiovascular disease, mental health, quality of life, and other morbidities such as herpes zoster.