Diabetes presents one of the largest public health concerns globally. In 2014, the International Diabetes Federation reported that T2DM affects approximately 381.8 million people across the world, with the number projected to increase to 592 million by 2035.

The diabetes group is conducting a range of UK based studies using electronic health record and cohort study data. We are always interested in new collaborations and if you are interested in working with us please get in touch.


  1. The epidemiology of diabetes and diabetic outcomes such as diabetic retinopathy, and other microvascular and macrovascular disease
  2. Ethnic inequalities in trajectories of diabetes and cardio-metabolic outcomes
  3. The application of causal inference methods to examine the effect of diabetic medications on cancer and cardiovascular disease
  4. A comparison of antidiabetic drugs prescribed at the first stage of treatment intensification for type 2 diabetes
  5. Ethnic differences in the effect of antidiabetic and blood pressure lowering drugs on HbA1c and blood pressure
  6. Comparison of body mass index and waist to hip ratio for predicting mortality in patients with and without diabetes in the UK Biobank


The UK Biobank

The UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science

The Clinical Effectiveness Group, QMUL

Relevant Studies:

Completeness and usability of ethnicity data in UK-based primary care and hospital databases.