Ruth Farmer

I am a 3rd year PhD student funded by the MRC clinical trials unit at UCL. The overall theme of my work is the application of causal methods in electronic health records, with a focus on diabetes epidemiology. My first study examined the association between metformin use and risk of cancer, using marginal structural models with inverse probability of treatment weights to deal with time dependent confounders affected by prior treatment. I am currently extending this to look at cardiovascular outcomes, and the impact of different dynamic treatment strategies for newly diagnosed diabetes on reduction of cardiovascular risk. My primary supervisor is Krishnan Bhaskaran, but also work closely with Deborah Ford at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit. My advisory committee: Liam Smeeth (LSHTM), Nishi Chaturvedi (UCL) and Rick Kaplan (UCL), have also contributed to this work. Before I started my PhD I completed the MSc in Medical Statistics at the school, and worked for two years as a research fellow in the medical statistics department on a longitudinal study in Huntingtons Disease.  My background is in pure mathematics, but my interests lie in applied medical statistics, epidemiology and causal inference.

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Related Publications

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